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HSP is Digital Activations

It’s no secret that the last year has seen an  unprecedented number of shoppers migrate to on-line shopping for delivery and/or curb-side pick-up. While many of these consumers will return to brick and mortar stores many more will be reluctant to give up this new convenience they’ve become accustomed to.  And why should they?

And while there are myriad ways to influence consumer purchasing patterns such as targeted ads or paid product positioning (sound familiar?) one way HSP can assist is through Digital Activations.

As opposed to sampling consumers in-store for a finite time-frame and a fixed location members of our team will sample the product themselves and post reviews that are available to all shoppers at all locations at any time for a particular retailer.

Simply put shoppers trust other shoppers. Period.

HSP reaches on-line consumers ALL the time. 

A digital activation is a means to get your product(s) purchased on-line by our INDEPENDENT team of adult beverage professionals from select retailers so that it may be sampled, reviewed, and published on that retailers site as a verified purchaser.

Schedule a digital activation at a retailer in a state we currently service (TX, CA, AZ, NV, MN, OR, WA) and specify 3-4 SKU’s per shift. We then execute the activation as a traditional sampling, except our team members will sample at home and publish their respective reviews.

You’ll be provided a recap no later than 7 days after the review is published. This recap will provide date and time of store purchase (verified by receipt) as well as screen shots of actual product reviews from retailers web site. 

Increased reviews = Increased consumer confidence!

"Your team is extraordinary and professional! We appreciate so much the enthusiasm, excitement and going after the sale approach you all showed this past weekend! Studying and understanding TY KU before the event was so impressive by you…" 

—M.O. TYKU Sake

"Thanks for the recap! I did have a chance to review and am very pleased w/ your sales agents results, great job. Wow, some stores sold almost 4-5 cases of wine during these events. That is REALLY good, and goes to show you guys have quality personnel." 

—R.A. Constellation Brands

"Everything looked professional, well done, and the team seemed educated on the brands. 
I am very appreciative." 

—C.H. Patron Spirits