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    Decisions are overwhelming. HSP removes the intimidation with personal conversations that brand keepers want.

How it Works

Discover how HSP makes brand activations meaningful 

We're passionate about Brand Education.

Passion and enthusiasm are great. True knowledge of wines, spirits, and beer...where they come from, how they taste, and how they are best enjoyed sets HSP apart. We know "whiskey" from "whisky", ale from lager, and "old-world from "new world. Our agents are thoroughly screened for knowledge of these products, along with sales ability and experience. And when it comes to education we produce videos with inside information, tips, and sales techniques. 

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100% Conversion? Yes, Please!

Our Helix Mini 18 etches a custom message on your product, AFTER it's been purchased. The process takes only 2-3 minutes and the rotisserie function on the Helix Mini accommodates bottles of most any circumference and provides for a much larger printing area than most machines. While additional charges and set-up fees may apply, it's proven to be a huge success while ensuring 100% conversion.

Brands see the boost in sales with
our Realtime ROI Reports.

Our system is constantly evolving and growing to offer our partners more first-hand knowledge, feedback, and response to their brands. As soon as our contractors report their results to us, our partners can see their results, read about what the customers are saying, and measure that day's event effectiveness.

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Grow with a team that loves what they do, selling products they love.

"Working with HSP is hardly working at all. The opportunity to represent fantastic wines and meet interesting people is a pleasure. I appreciate the flexible schedules and enjoy driving sales and watching my commissions build. I'm happy to
be a part of HerbalistSP."

—Lee M., Texas

"Extraordinary company, always something new and exciting to demo, great venues, great team of partners! I like the ease of the online CMW site, good information and always up to date! I couldn't ask for a better company to work with!"

—Zerviah C., California

"It is a great organization to work for. AND, you are paid within a matter of just a few days. I worked for 2+ years with another Wine/Beer demo company before joining HSP and I can honestly say that HSP is the BEST."

—Greta G., Oregon

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