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HSP is Socially Safe Sampling

As our regional teams were getting side-lined due to the pandemic we knew we had to take proactive steps to maintain safety, credibility, and effectiveness. We spent our “time-out” producing face masks, sanitizer, and other essentials into PPE kits ready to be shipped as markets re-opened. We established a Socially Safe Sampling protocol and had our team members sign an agreement that they understood this standard and would abide by it. We distributed that protocol with our branded PPE so it could be displayed on our tables for our guests to understand and abide by it as well.

HSP is embracing a new normal in brand activation 

Having executed events in several major retailers and numerous Indy accounts we are keenly aware of what those accounts perceive as safe and, perhaps more importantly what their shoppers perceive as safe protocol to the point they are willing to engage. As regions and retailers open for business we are finding that our supplier partners want to get back in the game quickly as do our team of brand ambassadors. We're also discovering that our protocol instills confidence with our audience and has actually increased effectiveness in terms of ROI and KPI standards.  

HSP Contact-less Engraving

For our partners still reticent about sampling promotions we've introduced a contact-less engraving program.  Using text messaging our team engraves bottles and stemware to deliver unique gifts and keepsakes to consumers and astounding ROI to our supplier partners. With consumers required to purchase the product prior to customization we rate the return at a solid 100%.  We've also returned to our roots of dry handsells in numerous regions and retailers. Having executed some 50,000 handsells in our history we do know how to "talk the talk" and achieve significant results in doing so.                                               

​Face-to-Face is now Mask-to-Mask and still the best way to connect with consumers!

"Your team is extraordinary and professional! We appreciate so much the enthusiasm, excitement and going after the sale approach you all showed this past weekend! Studying and understanding TY KU before the event was so impressive by you…" 

—M.O. TYKU Sake

"Thanks for the recap! I did have a chance to review and am very pleased w/ your sales agents results, great job. Wow, some stores sold almost 4-5 cases of wine during these events. That is REALLY good, and goes to show you guys have quality personnel." 

—R.A. Constellation Brands

"Everything looked professional, well done, and the team seemed educated on the brands. 
I am very appreciative." 

—C.H. Patron Spirits