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  • We are Enthusiastic, Knowledgeable, Professional Brand Activators 

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HSP Brands: Your Adult Beverage Experts.

We are passionate, knowledgeable, and professional brand activators who guide consumers through the world of adult beverages. Let us connect your product with the right audience.

We engage driven, goal-oriented representatives with a passion for sales and extensive experience in the adult beverage industry.

"Your team is extraordinary and professional! We appreciate so much the enthusiasm, excitement and going after the sales approach you all showed this past weekend! Studying and understanding our products before the event was so impressive" 

—T.S. Brown-Forman

"Thanks for the recap! I did have a chance to review and am very pleased w/ your sales agents results, great job. Wow, some stores sold almost 4-5 cases of wine during these events. That is REALLY good, and goes to show you guys have quality personnel." 

—R.A. Constellation Brands

"Everything looked professional, well done, and the team seemed educated on the brands. 
I am very appreciative." 

—C.H. Patron Spirits