• Brand Ambassador Onboarding

    Adult Beverage Promotions with HSP Brands

Join a team who love what they do, selling products they love.


Personal Passion Increases Sales!

HSP recruits and contracts independent sales professionals to represent wine, beer, and spirits brands in many locations. Our enthusiasm and professionalism results in increased sales.

We recruit demonstrators who have a passion and interest in selling wine, beer & spirits.  Sales experience is a plus but the real passion to meet and chat with consumers is a must. The goal of a HSP demonstrator is to achieve the highest product sales per shift.

What are some of the brands that HSP represents?

We are ambassadors for leading suppliers such as Anheuser Busch, Constellation, Gallo, Pernod-Ricard, Diageo, The Wine Group, Miller Coors, and Treasury Wine Estates among literally hundreds of others.

What are the requirements to be considered for work with HSP?

Are you an independent, self-starter?

We are looking for talented, independent sales professionals and a general knowledge of wine, beer, and spirits. We look for enthusiastic and energetic personalities. You need to be at least 21 years old and totally responsible for yourself. Applicants must be reliable, outgoing, and hard-working. Please note all applicants must undergo background screening prior to placement, submit a signed Code of Conduct, Demonstrator Agreement, and a completed W9 form.

Do you understand the brands?

A crucial aspect of delivering marketing and sales services at HSP is dedicating time to grasp each brand's distinct selling points. Effectively and passionately conveying this information leads to increased sales. HSP offers online support to further your ongoing education in sales, best practices, and the unique selling points of the brands you represent.

As a final and extremely important note:

With the exception of CA, this work is NOT offered as either part-time or full-time employment. This is independent contract work. 

Should you be selected to represent HSP, you will be required to sign our Code of Conduct
and Demonstrator Agreement. You are responsible for filing your own taxes with the IRS.

The Process

For all potential applicants, the onboarding process at HSP involves the following steps:
  1. Attend a live educational session or visit an existing HSP representative in-store.
  2. After a phone interview, complete a knowledge assessment test.
  3. If selected to represent HSP, provide or confirm your contact information and address.
  4. Receive an email from an independent agency, acting on behalf of HSP, for criminal and background checks required by our retail partners. Submit your background information online directly to their agency.
  5. Once the background assessment is completed, you will be sent the necessary IRS forms.
  6. Return the IRS forms to receive access to the HSP portal.
  7. In the portal, read and digitally sign the HSP Code of Conduct and Demonstrator Agreement.
  8. Gain access to our portal/blog where you can indicate your availability, accept shifts, and receive payment.
  9. Use the portal to submit invoices, report sales per shift, review brand materials, and access support resources.
  10. Payments are issued weekly and sent via USPS or Direct Deposit (preferred). For example, if you worked on the previous Saturday and Sunday, payment is sent the following Thursday via USPS. Direct deposit forms are available on your user page.
  11. As an independent contractor providing marketing and sales services to HSP, you will receive a 1099 form for the previous tax year. For example, you will receive your 1099 in January 2020, reflecting payments over $600 made by HSP to you in 2019. It is your responsibility to report and pay taxes directly to the IRS based on the income received from HSP, as we will provide the IRS with information regarding payments made to you.

We're excited to collaborate with you and offer an effective and straightforward means to generate income. If you possess sales expertise, a genuine passion for selling, an interest in the adult beverage industry, and a desire to assist consumers in their adult beverage purchasing journey, this opportunity is tailor-made for you!


"Working with HSP is hardly working at all. The opportunity to represent fantastic wines and meet interesting people is a pleasure. I appreciate the flexible schedules and enjoy driving sales and watching my commissions build. I'm happy to
be a part of HSP."

—Lee M., Texas

"Extraordinary company, always something new and exciting to demo, great venues, great team of partners! I like the ease of the online CMW site, good information and always up to date! I couldn't ask for a better company to work with!"

—Zerviah C., California

"It is a great organization to work for. AND, you are paid within a matter of just a few days. I worked for 2+ years with another Wine/Beer demo company before joining HSP and I can honestly say that HSP is the BEST."

—Jenna G., Washington

Do you have what it takes to grow with HSP?